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Check out "The Flores Exhibits" for powerful videos created to #AmplifyTheChildren

This project was created by Waterwell and the Broadway Advocacy Coalition as part of Project Amplify's national campaign to bring visibility to the testimonies of migrant children and young adults held in detention at the U.S. / Mexico border.

The Flores Exhibits aims to influence systemic change in our immigration policies through narrative-driven advocacy. It is designed as another way for the American public to understand the details of how the current immigration policy negatively affects immigrant children, young adults and young mothers with children.

The legal and public policy partners for this project are the Immigrants' Rights Clinic and the Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School.

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This project is generously supported by the Ford Foundation and Jayne Baron Sherman and Deby Zum through The Sherzum Fund at Our Fund. Waterwell Films, EOTI Productions, Butter Studio and Sam Sweeney contributed in-kind services.


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