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Art With a Heart

The NY-based arts initiative DYKWTCA (Do You Know Where the Children Are?) led by artist-activist Mary Ellen Carroll and Lucas Michael, enlisted 123 leading artists including Julie Mehretu, Amy Sillman, Walead Beshty, Lisa Tan and Johnny Chang, Pope. L, Boris Torres, Paul Pfeiffer, and Dan Graham, who created artworks based on the Flores accounts (the sworn statements of child migrants detained by U.S. government). The exhibition of these works is titled When We First Arrived and is on view at The Corner at Whitman-Walker. The show, curated by The Corner’s Executive Director Ruth Noack, reopened this week following the coronavirus pandemic shutdown in D.C. and will continue through Sunday, July 19. On July 27, at 12:00pm EST, a first-of-its-kind, blockchain-registered sale of the show’s works of art, and their accompanying Flores accounts selected by the artists, will begin raising funds that go directly to four nonprofits— Innovation Law Lab, Terra Firma, Team Brownsville and Safe Passage Project, providing urgent legal, medical, and mental health aid to the children and their families. Learn more about the benefit exhibition here


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