This is a crowdsourced campaign, which means that anyone can register an event or submit an action to amplify these children’s voices. Each project and action are all independently organized and each organizer will decide where to donate any funds raised. We have simply provided easy access to the children’s declarations, provided a platform for these events to be listed, and made a listing of amplification events submitted to us online or that we found through Internet searches.

If you are looking for an upcoming event or action, please search EVENT or ACTION below. You can click through each news story to  navigate to the event page / website for more details.

News & Events

In the summer of 2019, Project Amplify started a community-driven campaign, to raise awareness for the plight of child migrants. Artists from around the country participated with concerts, poetry readings, art exhibits, and other inspiring actions. Each project was independently created and each participant decided where to direct their fundraising. By providing easy access to the sworn Flores statements, or children’s declarations, we created a platform for these events and we were thrilled with the response. While the COVID pandemic has curtailed our events, it hasn't slowed down our efforts. This spring we are launching our first book. Stay tuned at the listing below and please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, because we've got some great events planned with leading human rights and literary organizations. Let's make sure migrant children are not forgotten.