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You Can Give Migrant Children a Voice With Just Five Minutes of Your Time


 In 2019, the United States held more than 65,000 migrant children in  detention. That's more children held away from their parents than any other country in the world. The treatment of these children has been extensively documented by medical, legal and human rights experts, including Project Amplify founders, who reported the abject abuse of children held in unhygienic conditions, without access to regular food and water, and forced to sleep on concrete floors. Children as young as babies and toddlers were forcibly separated from their parents and subjected to what physicians and human rights experts call "systematic abuse and torture." Recent reports reveal that 545 children are not able to be reunited with their families. Today, hundreds of children remain in detention and face the added danger of the COVID pandemic. Regardless of your political affiliation, I think we can all agree that every child should be afforded basic human rights. 

Please find your representatives' contact information at the link below and ask for the immediate Congressional investigation into the abuse and torture of child migrants, and the release of every child that remains in detention today. Feel free to use our script below. Don't forget to tell your social media community about it with the hashtags #WeCare #FreeTheChildren. Thank you.

A Message From Project Amplify Co-founder, Warren Binford 

Thanks to Trillium Creative Solutions for video production

Find Your


Not sure who your representatives are?

Common Cause is a non-partisan organization that will help you identify your reps. in one easy step

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Tell Your Community


Want to amplify your impact? Please tell your social media community 

about your outreach and encourage them to do the same. Use the hashtags:



Send Your 



Feel free to use our script below. Just copy and paste into your email or letter. Personalize it with your own voice. No time for letter writing? Phone your rep. and leave a message. 

Download a Postcard!





Feel free to download a PDF with a 4-postcard layout. Not sure what to say? Let your rep. know that you are asking for an immediate Congressional investigation into the torture of child migrants and that all child migrants should be freed today. Please share a photo of the messages you're sending to your reps. on social #WeCare #FreetheChildren
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Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 8.53.20 PM.png

If you would like to do more to support the plight of child migrants, please consider a donation to Project Amplify or any of the Charity Navigator-vetted human rights and immigrant rights organizations below. Thank you.

What Else Can I do?


"Torture of children should not be a partisan or political issue; it is lawless and it defines our character and integrity as a nation." 
-Dr. Sondra S. Crosby &

Dr. Vidya Kumar Ramanathan

Houston Chronicle

October 2020

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