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Our New Book is A True Labor of Love!

The team at Project Amplify is thrilled to announce that on April 13, 2021, we released our new book, Hear My Voice / Escucha Mi Voz, compiled by Warren Binford, with a foreward by Michael Garcia Bochenek of Human Rights Watch. This illustrated book is a beautifully crafted mosaic of stories from children detained at the border in the full authenticity of their own words, along with the powerful artwork of 17 Latinx artists. This book offers an opportunity to better understand human migration and children's rights by compassionately introducing this difficult topic while providing an urgent call to action and simple steps to help. 100% of the royalties go to Project Amplify, which is largely volunteer run. We remain committed to amplifying the voices of children arriving in the U.S. until they are cared for in a manner befitting their dignity and human rights. To order your copy and learn more, please click here. Thank you.

We Did It! Now Let's Get to Work

Thanks to your hard work and that of countless others, a new day has dawned in America. You saw immigration policy play out at the border in the cruelest manner and you did not stay silent. Together we demanded change and accountability because we understand that American immigration policy should be centered around hope, not hate.


The new Biden Administration has a tremendous opportunity to create a model immigration system that leads the world by centering the needs of immigrants, especially those of child migrants. In order for this to happen, we at Project Amplify will continue to advocate for improved reception, identification and reunification for children. We are doing this by engaging with policymakers at the highest level and sharing our expertise as human rights experts, immigration attorneys and community leaders. The work ahead of us is not easy, but we are confident that with your help we can continue to make a difference in the lives of children risking everything for a brighter future.  #Forward #AmplifytheChildren

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Photo: Rep. Jackie Speier

What Is Project Amplify?

Project Amplify is a national nonprofit (501c3) launched to establish legal protections for children in government care so that the brutality discovered on the border , including what physicians, and human rights experts, call the "systematic abuse and torture of children," never  happens again. How? Project Amplify co-founders, Prof. Warren Binford, Hope Frye and Erin Albanese are working with policy makers at the highest level to shape meaningful legislation that centers child migrants. They also continue to keep the issue top of mind through media engagements and speaking events. This month, we're also embarking on one of our most exciting projects, on April 13, 2021 we'll be launching a new illustrated book "Hear My Voice/Escucha Mi Voz." Check back on April 13 for more details. 

I have not been told how long I have to stay here. I am frightened, scared, and sad. It is cold at night when we sleep.