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Five Minutes of Your Time Can Give a Migrant Child A Voice

Send a letter, email or call your Congressional 

representatives today and let them know these children have not been forgotten.#WeCare #FreetheChildren

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Project Amplify is a national campaign launched to establish legal protections for children in government care so that the brutality discovered on the border , including what physicians, and human rights experts, call the "systematic abuse and torture of children," never  happens again. How? We are sharing the children’s stories, in their own words, with the public in a variety of amplification events around the country, from art exhibits to concerts and digital events. This fall, we are also asking that you reach out to Congress and ask them for an immediate investigation into the abuse and torture of child migrants. Project Amplify co-founders, Prof. Warren Binford, Hope Frye and Erin Albanese, also continue to tell the children's stories in the media and speaking opportunities (links above). However you choose to contribute, whether it's an event, letter or donation, we thank you and welcome you to the team.

I have not been told how long I have to stay here. I am frightened, scared, and sad. It is cold at night when we sleep. 


What else can I do to help?

Start by reading the children’s stories, also known as "declarations." These are legal statements collected by attorneys to establish facts. These stories were shared by children in detention enduring the trauma of family separation and the physical and psychological impact of being warehoused in facilities that the American Academy of Pediatrics said "do not meet the basic standards for the care of children." Trigger warning: It's important that you know that these stories are graphic, first-hand accounts of their experience in the detention. Many are trying to silence these children, to erase their existence, their experiences, their identities. We must not let them. These stories and their undeniable truth have the power to change the course of history. 





How have others contributed?

Amplification events are being planned and showcased in communities across the country and take many forms (digital or live) — a play, a poem, a recording, a billboard, a letter to Congress, a social media post, a reading, a sermon, an art installation, a website — with different talents and resources. Let us know about your efforts, even if it's as simple as sending a postcard. Your voice ensures these children are not forgotten. Tag us on social media with  #WeCare #FreeTheChildren. Thank you for your support.

Donations also help

Project Amplify is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation. Lawyer Moms Foundation is its fiscal sponsor. All donations to Project Amplify are tax-deductible.